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The TEXTILES SKILLS CENTRE brings together industry and education experts to support, develop and deliver resources, courses and events for textiles teachers, trainers and the open community.

The organisation was founded in 2015 by Dawn Foxall and has grown as an organisation to promote the value of textile skills in the community, through affordable access to training and events, supporting mental health, enhancing creativity and developing life skills. There is now a small team of associates who provide high quality training, workshops, developing resources and mentorship, to support textiles education throughout the teaching community and those who love textiles.

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The aims of the Textiles Skills Centre are to:

  • Promote the value of textiles in the community.
  • Provide affordable access to textile skills training for all.
  • Develop and encourage relationships between industry and the community.
  • Support teachers and schools to develop and/or enhance textiles teaching, through training and events.
  • Support the community through workshops and training to enhance creativity and therefore developing life skills.
  • Provide and support curriculum development and promote innovation.
  • Support textile teachers (including student teachers) and technicians, through mentorship opportunities and exchange best practice nationally and internationally.
  • Provide opportunities to encourage textile craft skills and activities, as a means to support mental health.

If you are interested in textiles and would like more information about what we do, then please get in touch with us or join us on social media:
Textiles Skills Centre Facebook Closed Group – A networking group where we share knowledge, ideas, advice and inspiration.
Textiles Skills Centre Facebook Open page – Where we post textiles related information and interesting stuff!


The Textiles Skills Centre Associates are a team of volunteers that manage the Textile Teachers Centre Facebook Group and website, and offer support, mentorship and advice to textile teachers and trainees. We organise free resource networking events each month (Tea ‘N Chat) and are always on hand to help and encourage when needed.
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We are always looking for new Associate members, so if you would like to join this small team then do contact us at: info@textileskillscentre.com

At the moment all costs are met by our team and time is given freely. If you are able to support us with a donation, however small, this will help to enhance the work we are doing.