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Our very own Nicky Simpson, who volunteers for St Georges Hospital London Charity Arts team, held 2 days of ‘Botanical Bunting Making’ workshops in the gardens and courtyards of the hospital for the wellbeing of both staff and patients.

Photo credit: @benedictjohnsonphoto

Art textiles Workshop at St Georges Hospital

Taking part in St Georges first Arts week, Nicky was part of the visual arts inspiration within the hospital community. The theme for the workshop was nature and the wellbeing benefits of spending time outdoors.






The workshop was set up in the courtyards among the plants and a quiet setting, where both staff and patients can meet and relax. The workshop involved heat pressing foliage and leaves sourced from the hospital grounds.

Once the community members had created their artwork it was then sewn together to create a huge trail of decorative bunting.

“It’s been great to learn how to do bunting from an enthusiastic teacher Like Nicky. Gave me lots of creative ideas to go forward. Thank you!” Participant feedback






The final bunting was displayed in the wellbeing charity garden from tree to tree, among the plants and flora for all to enjoy.

‘The joining of the bunting reflected the co-dependent make-up of the hospital community.’
Grace Lindley, Arts coordinator at St Georges:






“Nicky led a fantastic drop-in workshop for our staff, visitors and patients. Responding thoughtfully to our brief, she calmly guided our community through the activity, pitching at just the right level. Staff and patients enjoyed taking time out from the challenges of their time in the healthcare setting to focus on this creative and satisfying task and took pride in seeing their finished bunting outcome on display in the charity wellbeing garden.  Thank you, Nicky!” Grace Lindley, Arts Coordinator