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Feedback From the Classroom: Cross Curricular Free Resources

After attending a fantastic Textiles Skills Centre ‘Tea ‘n’ Chat’ lead by Nicky Simpson, on Cross-curricular links, I decided it was time to spread Textiles throughout my school! Nicky had explained how it was important to be seen in departments other than your own, so I decided to team up with the maths department to create a new and exciting display wall.

Using student work created from the free Scheme of Work provided by the Textiles Skills Centre we adorned the walls.

Cross Curricular Learning


With “Geometry in Fashion” as a starting point, students took a selection of shapes and created a fashion costume illustration, the outcomes were fantastic!





After completing one display board – which the Maths teacher was very happy for me to do – I decided to tackle another department. I visited the computing department where I completed an ICT (now IT) board for product design students!

ICT in Design & Technology image

The free resources really inspired me & have given me new ways of raising awareness around the school, not least forgetting the school reception!
You can find this resource and all the other free resources on the Textile Skills Centre website

FREE RESOURCE: Cross Curricular Learning – Textiles Skills CentreCross Curricular Learning image