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A recent trip to Greece to discover the methodology of Anastasia Vouyouka used to create perfect fit pattern construction raised the issue of unsustainable fast fashion we have become used to.

Fit is the most important factor when developing a garment but this has disappeared from our high street with the emergence of mass produced ready-to-wear fast fashion flooding stores and boutiques since the 1980’s.

Why are we no longer concerned that a garment does not fit correctly and happy to buy ill fitting and badly made clothing at low cost? This is of course a political question with economic reasoning, but maybe we should be looking at changing the trends to fit the times.

Growing awareness of the unsustainability of mass consumerism of disposable products is starting to emerge, with the trend for fast fashion beginning to fade. Through unviable environmental and economic practices we are seeing resurgence in the need for craftsmanship, British Made, eco and ethical manufacture.

In the world of fashion we discuss ‘Zero Waste’ as the industry continues to over produce cheaply made disposable products of which 60% ends up in landfill.

We mourn the loss of skilled labour as our workforces diminish to a situation where we no longer make things but merely consume.

Politically we cannot stop the cycle of importing and consuming as this is how our world now continues to evolve, but the slow fashion movement is starting to rise as young people search for products that last, are ethically produced and environmentally sound.

Coming through this is the need to return to better manufactured and better fitting garments that are less wasteful, carefully considered and ethically produced. There is a need for skilled workers to once again take pride in their work and be rewarded accordingly. We yearn for garments that will fit beautifully, feel comfortable and look wonderful. And this isn’t just for the elite few – this can be made possible for all if we stop making fast fashion fashionable and educate the young to understand that a garment can last a life time if made well with passion!