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Become a Mentor

When you were starting out in teaching, did you know how to plan and structure a scheme of work?
If your subject knowledge was lacking in certain areas, did you have someone you could approach who could offer support or guidance on how to manage this?

Things that may seem straightforward to you now could be challenging and overwhelming to someone new to teaching or who is teaching a new specification.  Additionally, schools tend to have just one specialist Textile teacher, which can sometimes leave them feeling disconnected and lacking in confidence when it comes to planning and creating new ideas.

Quote from a current mentor:
“I became a teacher to pass on my knowledge to students, and after nearly 20 years in the classroom was looking for another level of challenge. I was approached by the TSC and asked if I would be willing to be a mentor to fellow teachers. This was exactly what I was after, as I could be a mentor alongside my current role as HOD. It has been a complete honour to be able to support fellow colleagues, from those in their training year to those who have been teaching a while, but now having to teach Textiles for the first time. To be able to share my knowledge and know it is helping them become better, more confident teachers, has made me feel like I’m making a real difference. This is an absolutely worthwhile program, there is nothing out there like it, I hope it continues for future teachers to benefit from.”    Tamsin M.  January 2023

Teachers in situations such as this often value the opportunity to share thoughts and inspirations with like-minded individuals who are willing to listen and understand them.   If you are an experienced Textiles teacher or industry professional able to offer some support, guidance and encouragement to other teachers, then please use the following link to complete the questionnaire:


‘Become a mentor’ form: https://forms.gle/HAedMMV8UocSF9ZW7


Find a Mentor

Are you struggling to plan and deliver a lesson or scheme of work?  Is your subject knowledge lacking in areas or do you just feel that you might benefit from having someone to share your ideas with and who can give you a confidence boost.

Quote form a past mentee:
“As an established teacher who had recently taken up Art and Design Textiles as a new course I found myself very much isolated within the school with no one with the skills to support me.  After a year of stumbling through on my own with patchy success I was given a lifeline from the Textiles Skills Centre Mentorship programme.
My first course with Nicky armed me with a plethora of practical tasks but most importantly showed me how to move with pace and confidence.  I implemented Nicky’s scheme of work for my recent mock exam and immediately saw not only a more positive approach from the students but also improvements in grades across the board.  Further courses have given me the structure needed to progress the students through their two year programme of study.  Mentorship has been absolutely invaluable, Nicky’s ability to flex and respond to the issues I present to her is absolutely fantastic.  The Textiles Skills Centre has changed the status of Textiles within our school making it a relevant and vital subject.”     Lucinda W. January 2023


Our Textile mentors are friendly individuals willing to offer Textile teachers support, encouragement and guidance throughout their teaching experiences. If this is something you feel you may benefit from, then please use the following link to complete the questionnaire:


‘Find a mentor’ form: https://forms.gle/7EFKVpDdXBe6xcHx5


PLEASE NOTE:  TSC mentors are experienced professionals who have freely and kindly volunteered their time to support you.  They are not trained professionals in mentorship. Their role is not to make decisions for you, or to provide you with their own examples, but to offer encouragement for your own positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievements and introduce new ideas.

We are focused as a support group for Textile teachers. The mission of the Textile Skills Centre is simply ‘Better textiles teaching’.