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Textiles Skills Centre Online Course Terms & Conditions

Textiles Skills Centre – Online On-Demand Terms & Conditions


Tutorials, video recordings and handouts are copyrighted. They are only for use within school or personal use and must not be passed on in any format or posted to any forums or on-line media sites.

Recordings are strictly for non-commercial use and are not to be copied, shared, or used for any other purpose without prior permission of the copyright owner.

Textiles Skills Centre presenters, trainers and course developers are professionals in their field. However, Textiles Skills Centre, presenters, trainers and course developers do not take any responsibility or liability for damages or financial loss in any form, happening directly or indirectly, through advice or information given.

Please note: Textiles Skills Centre, presenters, trainers and course developers will not take responsibility or liability for any injuries, illness or death, or damage to equipment or materials, which occur in your home, school or other premises, as a result of your own or others voluntary participation in this course. By taking part you are indicating that ‘I agree’ and you have read and consented to this waiver.