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We are a team of volunteers that manage the Textile Teachers Centre Facebook groups and website, and offer support and advice to textile teachers and trainees. We organise free resource networking events each month and are always on hand to help, encourage and assist when needed. At the moment all costs are met by our team and time is given freely.

Your donations, however small, will help to enhance and provide the following:

  • Provide affordable access to textile skills training for all.
  • Provide opportunities to encourage textile craft skills and activities, as a means to support mental health.
  • Provide and promote unbiased and accurate information to support curriculum development and innovation.
  • Support textile teachers (including student teachers) and technicians, through mentorship opportunities and exchange best practice nationally and internationally.
  • Support teachers and schools to develop and/or enhance textiles teaching, through training and events.
  • Develop and encourage relationships between education and industry. 
  • Support the costs of our free resources, administration, website maintenance and newsletter.


How are funds managed and used?

The Textile Skills Centre has a management committee and operating constitution. The funds of the group including all donations, contributions and bequests, these are paid into an account operated by the management committee. The funds belonging to the group are applied only to further the aims of the group listed above.

If you need any further information, want to ask a question or would like to donate to a specific cause, please contact us at  info@textilesskillscentre.co.uk